Founded in 1983, Powersports · Powerdocs was established as a distributor in the video market of motorsport videos. Following a series of hits in this arena the company initiated its international distribution network, and broadened its video line for domestic distribution. The new line consisted of general release titles, which included documentary programs, sports,
specials, cartoon and children's programming, special interest video and feature films.

The line was also altered to appeal to a broader audience and the tastes of the international marketplace. While not forgetting its roots in sports programs, the catalog was expanded to include more documentaries dealing with cultural, historical, ethnological, natural or political issues and programs of different genres.  As its international activity grew, Powersports · Powerdocs commenced the distribution of external producers' programs/series, as well as becoming involved in co-productions projects.


Over the past twenty years Powersports Powerdocs has also become one of the largest independent distributors of television in the Middle East region. Opening satellite branches in the UAE and in Lebanon, Powersports is a major pipeline for content in many territories in the region, offering a wide variety of television programming including: travel, technology, nature,
lifestyle, animation, feature films, sports and reality, among others.

Powersports · Powerdocs also owns a constantly increasing slate of original programming, which represents approximately one-third of the programs it distributes. Usually the company's productions are specials or unique subject matter, which never competes with the other titles we distribute. Powersports · Powerdocs has produced 50-70 annual programming hours for
several years.

Today, the source of most of Powersports revenues is derived from international licensing. The company has maintained its client relationships that were formed with its establishment. Beyond that, Powersports - Powerdocs has built new alliances and long-term distribution agreements with major and specialty distributors to individually target the best venues for
each property. In addition, Powersports · Powerdocs heavily distributes its videos domestically via direct marketing through television and magazine advertisements (some of our programs have sold over 450,000 units to date and are still selling) and mail-order catalogs.

Over the past few years, Powersports · Powerdocs has grown to become a prominent player in international distribution with its client base consisting of 7,000 names and spans 120 territories. Powersports · Powerdocs offers the flexibility of an independent producer and distributor while keeping the standards and servicing of a major. For that reason, the company
has been successful in working with firms as varied as our product line - from the largest entertainment conglomerates to the smallest distributors. We have also been pioneers in the world's emerging markets and developing technology.

Our organization and flexibility have allowed us to continuously adapt our marketing strategy and place ourselves according to the dynamics and changing demands of the international marketplace.

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