PowerSports’ Marketing team takes no shortcuts. Our game plan is based on hard work, and a solid foundation built on years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Client list worldwide - Approximately 7,000. In the Middle East we have complete saturation of media outlets in the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, U.A.E, Yemen.

  • Country base world wide- Over 120 territories.
  • Duration of international distribution experience - 20 years.
  • Personal relationships with several hundred buyers of the Middle East’s leading multimedia, television, cable and video distribution firms/networks.
  • We believe that face-to-face meetings are critical to our business that is why besides our main office in Los Angeles, we have offices set up in the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. With sales strategies supervised by Mr. William McAbian who divides his time between the Middle East and the United States.
  • With Powersports you get the best of both worlds—Eastern and Western. Being based in the United States makes it convenient for western companies to do business with us. Our offices in the Middle East insure that we have direct access to decision makers at the stations.
  • Rights distributed - Television, cable, pay television, satellite, pay-per-view closed circuit television, home video, public video, laser disc, airline exhibition, ships, hotels, military networks, sponsorship, DVD, CDV, CDI, CD-ROM and syndication.
  • Revenue and Net Operating Profit have both increased consistently in the past five years - Both have more than doubled in the last three.
  • We move between 1,200 and 1,600 hours per year in the Middle East region.

Success is in the details! Here are just a few things that we do to insure the success of a project…

  • Prepare publicity materials and artwork (flyers, fold-out catalog, etc.)  
      Information sheet/synopsis
      Media kits
  • Prepare demonstration viewing cassettes (in both PAL & NTSC) as well as DVD’S:   Promo/trailer (if necessary1)
      Compile one or two best episodes

The PowerSports marketing team structures a marketing campaign like a great General plans a battle—strategy is everything!


  • Mailers:
      E-Mail, fax and mail mailers via courier of publicity materials, synopsis and a letter   introducing program/s to all our clients, advising them of the new releases.

      Send above as well as demonstration viewing
    cassette to the most prominent buyers   targeted for the specific genre of each program (i.e. Travel, Wildlife, History, etc.)
  • Trade Magazines:
      Publish articles/PR releases introducing programs, as well as market listings prior &   during each major convention in following publications
    (publications may vary from   market to market):

                 BROADCASTING & CABLE (and its Television Europe, Television International,                  Television Asia, Television Latin America )
                 CABLE & SATELLITE EUROPE
                 CHANNEL 21
                 ELECTRONIC MEDIA
                 EMAP Business Communications/Broadcast/TV World
                 HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
                 IDA ASSOCIATION
                 INTERNATIONAL CABLE
                 MOVING PICTURES
                 REAL SCREEN
                 REED MIDEM
                 SCREEN DIGEST
                 Television 2.0
                 THE BUSINESS OF FILM
                 THE TELCO REPORT
                 TV EXPRESS
                 WORLD SCREEN NEWS(and its TV Europe, TV Latina TV Docs)

We get the word out about your project in many different ways…

  • Place inserts in registration bags given to all participants, buyers and attendees - MIPCOM, MIPTV, NATPE (approximately 12,000 per show).
  • Convention on-site poster advertisements in main trade show floor (i.e., at both MIPCOM & MIPTV, we have two huge opposite poster areas at the entrance of the main aisle next to Paramount as well as deeper in the aisle by the information desk and opposite our stand).

PowerSports’ marketing team are real “show-offs”…


  • Mailers sent to all clients via fax, e-mail and mail (including flyers) via courier prior to each major convention.
  • Catalogs placed in all buyers' mail drop boxes, hotel rooms, or stands.

  • Advertise and place PR articles in trade/convention magazines as well as market directories/listings.

  • Exhibit and attend as many of the following conventions as managable:

                 AIRLINE CONVENTION
                 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL
                 DISCOP - AFRICA
                 DISCOP - EAST
                 DISCOP - LATINA
                 HOT DOCS
                 L.A. SCREENINGS
                 MIP ASIA
                 MONTE CARLO TV MARKET
                 REAL SCREEN SUMMIT
                 SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC
                 TOKYO TV MARKET


Let Powersports – Powerdocs handle your programs in the Middle East and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to do business in a part of the world that is not very familiar to most western companies.
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