Founded in 1983, Powersports - Powerdocs has been a producer and international distributor for just over 20 years. Like many other international media licensing entities, we have developed relationships with various licensing companies such as; HV/DVD distributors, national broadcasters, commercial networks and various cable/satellite stations around the world – Our current client base consists of 8,100 individual buyers’ names spanning over 120 countries & territories.

Like you, we have fostered relationships in all major markets and key territories around the globe; however, one of the regions we have specialized in is syndication within the Middle East. What makes the Middle East a unique region is that no one territory/country is extremely important in terms of the global scheme of media licensing, however, the 20 countries that make up the region known as the “Middle East” does become a significant market, if programs are syndicated there successfully.

In years past, mostly agents or middlemen who would pay a lump sum for all of the countries, translate the programs themselves and then syndicate them throughout the region did acquisitions for the entire region. This resulted in a virtual cap on license fees the agents agreed to pay – Their power and control of the market has been so great that even major multi-national entertainment conglomerates and the studios must use them to penetrate the region (as opposed to having their own offices in any given country in the region, or simply licensing their product to end users).

Filling a void in licensing to the Middle East, Powersports - Powerdocs has fostered many strong relations around the region and began representing as well as acquiring a lot of product for the Middle East. We have represented such major producers & distributors as Betafilm and RAI Trade, as well as being the point of sales for RDF, American Public Television, Extreme International and many other independent producers and distributors.

Powersports - Powerdocs has also established its own local office in Dubai, the U.A.E., and has partnered up with a dubbing studio located in Beirut, Lebanon. This has enabled the company to not only have a local presence which is crucial in this region, but to also cut costs by controlling its own dubbing into the different dialects of Arabic that are needed in order to syndicate foreign programs successfully throughout the region. Beyond the representation of many major companies, Powersports - Powerdocs also acts as a simple acquisitions entity, acquiring between 1,200 and 1,500 hours of programming specifically for the Middle East annually.

Many family or “G” rated programs that are simple to syndicate and sub-license throughout the region, and can be purchased easily with little risk factor involved in acquiring them. However, in many cases foreign programs carry one or several elements which make them difficult to syndicate in the Middle East, due to strict censorship and moral standards laws & regulations. For this reason, there are certain types of programs (such as dramatic series, feature films, reality shows or sitcoms) that simply pose too much of risk to simply license. With these types of programs, we prefer to simply represent the producer or distributor in the region and work on a split
(50–50) revenue, inclusive of all expenses; including all marketing and distribution charges, and costs of dubbing and localization, but not including any deliverable costs for finalized licensing agreements, if any.

We take it upon ourselves (and at our own expense and risk), to dub, localize and present various entertainment programs and films to local stations and, only if said material is sold, are these costs deducted – This way, your programs and/or films have a much greater chance of being accepted into the market, as they are already available in the local tongue. We also hire as our consultants censorship board members who help steer our programs through the labyrinth of censorship approval, thus maximizing our submission-to-approval ratio substantially.

Beyond our own dubbing facilities, we also have a vast network of individuals with whom we work on a territory-by-territory basis; these individuals are each responsible for specific broadcasters or countries within the Middle East where they are most powerful in and simply ensure that your programs and/or films have a greater exposure and are put in front of the correct decision makers at each station. Since most local and even pan-regional broadcasters seldom travel abroad for conventions, they are rarely aware of each producer’s and distributor’s new releases and library of titles.

In essence, we are a facilitating entity into the Middle East region – A region that is not as important as any one major territory in terms of licensing, however, if syndicated properly, is extremely lucrative and vibrant. Due to various customs and traditions as well as strict censorship laws, along with the additional amount of effort and work required on behalf of distributors, the majority of foreign programs do not air in the Middle East. However, if presented by a reliable and proven distributor in the region, in the native language of each country, Western programs do get licensed and can be successfully placed throughout the region. We at Powersports – Powerdocs look forward to working with you to maximize your programming in this vital and emerging part of the world.

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